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HIV prevention. In the late 1990’s, as Patricia met youth-serving organizations in West, East and Southern Africa, she noted that although youth were at highest risk of transmission, HIV prevention was the “elephant in the room,” for these organizations.  No one wanted to talk about it.  Only organizations focused on reproductive health were teaching safer sexual behaviors and other means to stop the spread. 

Patricia successfully worked with the International Youth Foundation and its partner organizations in Africa to incorporate HIV prevention into its life skills,  employment and education programs.  With a consultant from India and government officials, she designed and ran the first Tanzania Life Skills for HIV prevention workshop to train program managers.  She wrote the strategies and identified partners for  the first major, multi-country HIV initiative of the International Youth Foundation, Empowering Africa’s Young People.  This program in peer education was funded by USAID for $10M in three countries (Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia).   She adapted the Alliance for African Youth Employability to meet the needs of AIDS orphans in Tanzania, which received a USAID grant, and to integrate HIV prevention skills training with employability training.

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