Education and Employment Alliance (EEA)

The Education and Employment Alliance (EEA) in Morocco engages business, government and NGOs to address the national priority of improving education and training for youth. Started under Patricia’s leadership in 2005, while she was at the International Youth Foundation, EEA Morocco builds bridges between school and work for young disadvantaged women and men. By making what youth learn and how they learn it relevant to the needs of the labor market, EEA Morocco better prepares young people for jobs and self-employment.

The Alliance, the first of its kind in Morocco, operates through partnerships with Moroccan employers, education and training agencies, and service providers, and has an outstanding steering committee comprised of leading Moroccan companies, non profits, foundations and the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID).  It receives support from USAID, Microsoft, Oracle, the Moroccan Ministry of Education, and various local Moroccan companies.

Alliance for African Youth Employability

In 2004, Patricia launched the Alliance for African Youth Employability with the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Nokia, and Lions Clubs International Foundation. Patricia raised over US$1.8 million from USAID and Nokia for the initiative, which aims to serve more than 35,000 youth by 2009.  Read more.

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Young people of working age need and expect to be economically productive, but in emerging markets and developing countries they face high unemployment, even when they have educational qualifications.  In surveys, youth cite employment as their top priority.  Youth unemployment has been tied to youth violence, drug use, and risky sexual behaviors that can lead to HIV transmission. 

Under Patricia’s leadership as Director of Programs, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) created pathbreaking multi-country and multi-sectoral alliances that empower young people to develop skills and strengthen attitudes and behaviors so they can find and keep jobs in the 21st century economies of the countries in which they live.

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